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Software and Business Technology

Our High Tech Business Technology group includes many professionals who joined McKinsey from high tech companies and bring direct, in-depth technical knowledge of systems, products, and services to our clients. In fact, we have the largest software practice of any strategy-management consulting firm with extensive insight into software IT architectures, the economics of industry subsectors (embedded, infrastructure, applications) and the drivers of value creation.


We help clients address critical strategic issues, from which markets to target to which enterprise capabilities will yield a sustainable competitive advantage.

Brand Marketing

We help companies build marketing and sales capabilities, and develop and execute innovative strategies for sustainable growth.

Our cross-sector perspective, combined with proven analytical skills, helps clients tackle essential issues. These include: identifying micro market and microsegment sales opportunities; developing customer insight; understanding end customers' buying factors and pricing sensitivities; and designing targeted marketing strategies to increase conversion.

Our work with clients and expertise in every high-tech subsector provide clients with exceptional marketing and sales resources and insight. Specifically, we provide clients with services and assets in the following capabilities:

  • Branding

  • Consumer & Shopper Insights

  • Customer Lifecycle Management

  • Digital Marketing

  • Marketing Return on Investment

  • Organization & Capabilities

  • Pricing

  • Sales & Channel Management

Corporate Finance

We help our clients make and execute informed, bold decisions in structuring their companies and portfolios to produce competitive advantage and lasting value.

Civil Engineering & Construction

We aspires for a leading global market position by delivering world-class engineering consultancy services, reinforcing world-wide corporate alliances, and upholding top-tier quality and ethical standards as the firm's backbone of progressive growth.

Vision Statement

Providing tradition of excellence consultancy services exceeding our clients' expectations and recognized locally and abroad through:

  • Building Robust Client Loyalty. Generate a loyal customer base via full integration with client-driven alliances.

  • Adopting Optimal Engineering Methodologies. Deliver superior value, flexible, cost-effective, and integrated engineering solutions in compliance with the latest design/construction international and local codes and standards across our extensive project portfolio.

  • Empowering Effective Corporate Communication. Develop collaborative communication networking channels to inspire and mobilize all our resources at hand to reach out for their full potential.

  • Endorsing Proactive Planning. Design the blueprint for future development and secure sustained strategic repositioning to effectively maneuver rapidly fluctuating global, regional, and local market conditions.

Our Specialized area:

  1. Transportation

  2. Environmental

  3. Structural

Mechanical Engineering:

Our Mechanical Engineering Consultants are typically qualified in the following areas:

- 3D Solid Models - ALGOR - ANSYS - Anvil
- AutoCad - CAD/CAM/CAE - Catia - CMS
- ComputerVision - Construction - Design Codes - Facilities
- FEA - Flowtherm - Good Manufacturing Practices - HVAC
- Intergraph - Machine - MasterCAM - Materials Handling
- MATLAB - Mechanical Desktop - Microstation - Modeling
- ProE - R&D - SolidWorks - Unigraphics